10:03 PM

The evening fell and it felt even more dark. The room was filled with clouds of suspicion, of curiosity, of desperation. she sat besides the phone waiting, gazing at the huge clock on the wall. seeing the time pass by, noticing the date change. building castles of expectation she waited then. it had been long now but seemed even longer as the day approached.
Of thoughts that wanted to know if the one who is being waited for thought the same.
Remembered the same.
It was the day they'd met. It was the day when her story opened with its first chapter. But now it had ended. It had closed on an unwilling note.

She walked down as if walking down the isle. He ogled as though he heard the prophecy that he'd findd her on this day.
she had an  air of  discomfort that he exactly knew how to shun away.
But now the castles seemed vanishing away. Away in the traffic she heard as the night knocked on her curtained window.
It was the shortest you would have seen, she swore, ironing her red micro mini .
Walking then  to a bar downtown, where a certain concoction guaranteed sweet dreams.
The insomniacs called her greedy.
In a diaphanous dress that spilled down from the bar stool, she waited.
Her watch, now at the bottom of a rum bottle, was ticked off.
She thought she understood it, but she didn't. remembering what he' said once
" would it be easier when you see other people when we are not together" ,
now was when she knew what he once meant.

She saw them clasping hands sitting next to her. he came closer , told her she was her princess and touched her in a manner he only would.
Each time he didn't kiss her, the ice sculpture melted a little bit.
She sat alone eyeing her glass half filled. Half of which she had gulped down with memories flashing back.
The clutch that shined like only she owned it was losing its glitters,
 the dress that she wore was losing its charm.
 The stilettos looked dull and the kohl came tricking down.
It was 12.
The date had changed but it was time she thought of how with those beautified smiles she had shut the book after she read chapter one then.
Her phone still besides, her eyes still on it as she fell on her bed.
It was only a minute back she had rested her thoughts and her phone rang.
The ring tone that once was their favorite song, she had been bias when it came to him. The wallpaper made her knees go week.
 She smudged away the kohl barely left parting with those tears that fell.
And then she cheered and picked up the phone.
she heard him say hello, but all she heard was "i love you"
and when he said "how are you", all she heard was "i still miss you"
she was now starting to romance with his words and wanted to make love in every pause he took

And then he broke the silence but she had started to enjoy the silence more than his words that had no meaning.
"do you miss me? "
his voice shaking like a newly wed who chooses every word and watched every step.
 she picked up on few silent notes and then took the charge. with a voice that selects to rule than be ruled she said.
"No, i don't miss you. I
 miss the one who gazed at me till i'd blush and give up a smile he waited for,
i miss the one who wouldn't mind listening to the explanation to a song that i heard last night and was willing to explain the video now,
 i miss the one who would make me have the first bite of every thing he had.
 I miss the one who stood in front of me while crossing the road,
 i miss him who would buy every single thing i lay my hands on, i miss him who wouldn't mind writing me love notes on tissue papers, the one who took me for surprise lunches and fed me so i don't dirty my hands,
him who gave me all the tee's that i liked which belonged to him,
i miss him who treated my friends better than his, just for a reason that they were my world.
 I miss the one who called me every  possible hour just to say how much he'd missed me,
 him who would travel all the way at 5 in the evening to say the moon looked pretty so i'd come on the window and see him standing down,
 he who picked up chocolates on his way just to see a glowing smile, i miss him who'd give away his share of Donut cause he knew i look cute when it smudges all on my face,
i miss him who wouldn't mind making me sleep even if he was dead sleepy,
 i miss the boy who gave a name only he called me by.
I miss him. I don't even know you"

She then saw him lean against her railing for the last time & shut the balcony door on his way out. The sea sighed & the glass fogged up.

It was then in her dreams ...He brought her a sea shell, pink and curved. She put it to her ear and heard the traffic.

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  1. I'm still ur biggest fan....ur works gettin much more Amazin as d days go by....

  2. Thank you. Believe the anonymity aint under cover anymore :)

  3. If my myopic vision serves me right this has to be your oldest blog on record. Old is Gold they said! Well, look at that! Look at that! It’s a sheer masterpiece. The effort that has gone into it is clearly evident from the outcome. It sure comes straight from the heart. Understandably, times have changed. You’ve gotten busy! D, the passion has grown but the narrative has shrunk. So here I am, pushing my gentle critique across.

    Long Gone are Long Gowns! We need long gowns back! :D While KISS (keep it short and sweet) has to be the mantra, do weave such lengthy masterpieces every so often. Your romance with words is too good to fade away. That said: I am that total freaking jerk (ttfj) to critique your work. I can never be even half as good as you are. The way you express, the way you impress! Totally and forever committed as a reader, I am!

    So please take it in the right spirit and keep this magic flowing! :)

    Signing off!
    - T.T.F. Jr.


    Beautiful, just beautiful! This:

    And then she cheered and picked up the phone.
    she heard him say hello, but all she heard was "i love you"
    and when he said "how are you", all she heard was "i still miss you"
    she was now starting to romance with his words and wanted to make love in every pause he took

    1. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have read this again ever in my life.
      Well i will be honest, There are tears trickling down at the moment. Yes, a lot has changed, I have stopped writing for people. I have stopped meeting myself on the darkest nights. But that is alright.
      I do write, I never post it though.
      There's a lot i wrote post this which i deleted from here, but i am amazed you made it to this post.

      Honestly, thank you so much.
      Much love.

  4. Yikes! I wouldn't have penned those thoughts had I known you'd cry! Write it for the love of writing and spreading joy :) Deleting is depriving avid readers of your free flow of thoughts. And I am sure you wouldn't want to do that. There is tremendous power in your words, the way you structure everything is just brilliant. Like I said, you express and impress beautifully! Keep doing that.

    Thanks for the good times!
    -T.T.F. Jr.

  5. dark, cutting through the heart, dark. but beautiful.


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