Prolonged silence. Like love, waiting to happen.

7:49 PM

What is for starters?' She said.'Your introduction!' he exclaimed.
Virtual world sometimes explains to you clearly what every pause, every exclamation, every question mark could probably mean, which otherwise goes unnoticed to an extent that they start feeling ignored. There was a time when she thought that letting someone intrude into the world of her own was never possible again, but when happiness is hellbent on knocking on your door and till the time you open, it conspires to hold you back to the wall, locking your hands to the wall and reaches so close that you hardly know if its you breathing or otherwise, you have to know that you probably left the keys next to the lock when you decided to lock yourself inside.The main course that followed were words of appreciation, a taste of what she'd been missing for what seemed like forever. She knew it was strange and strangeness leads to nothing but awkward moments, but its fine to risk it when all that your intuition does is to whisper in your ears to go for it.The dinner was done, next was the wait for the dessert. Brownie dipped in chocolate sauce being her favorite.All the while she'd hidden herself to find solace for minutes when she enjoyed the high eating it all by herself, but something had changed. She'd eaten half and the other half stood there smiling and poking her to eat it, but she couldn't .Something sweet was tingling her tongue. The aftertaste of last night, she thought. But words were auctioned and she was left with a blank mind, a mind that did not recall what was told.Something was left before they began. She couldn't finish what they didn't start. This was the plan- to remain the incomplete stories in each other's lives.But to her incompleteness meant throwing herself back to where she started from, and now walking down the tunnel she could see light. She was shown the light, a bright silver light.Her face sparkled  like that of a kid, on finding his lost toy back. She knew she had it, she knew this was it.But expectations leave the mankind awry.Dinners together were frequent, a little killing, wit fights and a lot of learning, till the night it rained and washed away her demented soul. She was born again.She knew life had to start, but how, she still struggled to find.She wanted to get drenched in the rain that night but something pulled her under the umbrella of concern.It was then that she knew her vacation with the old baggage had to end, it was time she shopped for some happiness. It was time to say goodbye to the pillow that was soaked in  tears. The same pillow she had become best friends with, now seemed an alien from Uranus."Love, I am waiting here by the side of the street. When you are through with them, come find me"he then clenched her hands, pulled her and snuggled her till she cried away the pain. It was a long cry, but she felt good letting it all go."What have you been doing" A voice asked her.There was a long pause, she tried to utter "its time to go!"She was in the habit of being right, but proven wrong this time was like the eternal taste of something she felt eluded to.The pause seemed everlasting, but nobody dared to leave. She stood under the open sky, stars covering her into an embrace and the moon eyeing the one that gazed her right into her eyes telling her it was love for sure.It took a minute maybe even seconds, "maybe" , "we'll see", all the "if's" and "but's" were now replaced by solidarity, concreteness and surety.While the pause could do no harm, she slept quietly engaged with hands which carried the silver torch that had shown her the brightness around.

What could she do with something as brilliant as it? Something as precious and burning as a fallen star? She decided to keep it.Yes she did. Now the mornings open into her room only when the smile is reciprocated, the nights end only when the words have done their job and are too tired.The moon be envious of the star gazer, and the stars cuddle them up into a never ending embrace of togetherness.The pause does last, but with an assurance that there tomorrow shall be better than today and that she'd spill her smiles and her words. Words that will bring happiness, a smile that would be envied, yet for once the future will be planned, it would be a mute spectator of her shy smiles.

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  1. Very beautiful expression of words there. Way to go girl, the moons shines on you, pose fast, this surely seems picture perfect:)

  2. Thanks a lot Anonymous you :)
    I just posed anyway..
    Only if i knew you better..

  3. whoa..! Beautiful,as always..!

  4. Wah wah!

    [On a serious not, SERIOUSLY?]

  5. What was the first comment like?
    And i shall love you forever, without a pause that is.

  6. Reading this made my day. Brilliant, Beautiful and touching. Keep writing. :')

  7. Thank you Anonymous. This post was written for an anonymous that left the first comment and the trail has ended on an anonymous comment yet again.

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