Sozzled diaries.

2:54 PM

"You were missed. You were always missed. He missed you like he missed his shadow now.
You were always that thought which crossed his chaotic mind when he breathed an ailed air.
He lived with You, day in and day out.
He lived with your memories when he was with me. He looked at me and remembered you.
He walked with me yet walked with you.
Every smile that i thought was mine, was smiled for a reason. The reason was You.
Why didn't you go?
Why couldn't you go?
I feel like a wreck whore now, now that he walked pass me.
The reason is still You. What shall i do now?
Will You care to answer me ever? "

Its was love at first sight.
Nothing baroque , nothing so trivial.
He met her words, she met his appreciation. Their words fell in love, they were hence entrapped.
Sitting on the edge of his bed, carefully sewing the future when the present still lingered. She was the brightest shade of blue, now smoldering remains of a long lost fire. He was her luxurious red.

Whispering in the dark now, creating their story.. He denied to play his role.

Bare skin, vexed looks, dismantled thoughts, suffocated breaths, satisfied smiles. 

The room had adjusted itself for it sensed a new love-affair.
It had been difficult,
There were times Daphne felt like a fly caught in a spiders web, at a risk of being eaten alive
if she made the wrong move.
Sitting in that unfamiliar corner trying to weave her own truth, captured  in the brightest shade of lie.
He had her all, she had him too. 
It was an uncensored story within her head. The kinkiest ever. The naivest ever.
It was her first ever.
Their love wasn't old neither valuable, to her it was the only option. To him a fraying rug to be walked over.
She said one thing he said another, he tucked her words, she kissed each letter. 

You have stayed here like a permanent memory, the smell of you, the touch of you, the expressions that your words carried, the intense look you gave him in one second and in the other blushed for him to take over.
You haven't left, you never shall. You hit him like a fact and have lingered in his head.
I leave you two in perfect separation then.

"we didn't break up.. we never started"

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  1. This resonated pretty strongly with me. Thanks for writing this, brought a lot of dormant memories to the fore.

  2. Wish I could keep reading it, wish it could never end... It's beautiful D !


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