He shadows me.

11:10 PM

Spring summer calls for the customary bouts of colour!

As a lover of everything vintage, I thought of styling an old pleated skirt that belonged to Granty (Grand mother aunt)

A little apprehensive about carrying long skirts i wasnt sure if i'd be able to pull off this one that was bought from Marks & Spencer, UK.

The safest bet was to team it up with a plain white tee that i'd picked up from Zara a while ago.

To break the monotony, i tied the skirt above the waist and threw in a white satin bow belt along with a huge The house of Tara 'Casablanca' tote

To complete this look and to add a pinch of bold feel to it, a rust coloured beaded neck piece was incorporated. 

Of shadow's, sunshine and smiles! 
Granty's old blue pleated skirt was given a new life.

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