The quirky story.

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I’m a little bit like mad-hatter. Quirky, kooky, optimistic and colourful. But I’m focused and ambitious just as well.
I'm all for social experiments, especially those that have onlookers wonder about the origin of my species. And then Jayesh and Rixi said : Let there be Quirk Box!

Quirk Box, is a fresh fun and yummy Fashion and Lifestyle label

I came across them in the summer of 2013. For someone like me who believes not in the conventional ways when it comes to Fashion, this was it!
Quirky prints like never before. You go onto their page , and as  quirk Box loyalist I can assure you, you wouldn't return without buying a thing or two.

As a media professional and a fashion enthusiast I like to make my presence felt and my statement made. So, if you are one of those who want to leave the crowd talking, Quirk box will make sure you do it! 

For that sultry day out, where less is more.

To an evening out with friends over coffee.

To a sudden date and your sassy self.

Quirky - Rebellious - Feminine - Edgy - It doesn't matter where your loyalties lie. Team 'em Quirky clothings your own way. 

Team your dresses this summer with the Quirk Box vests and jackets

Wear this pair of shorts with a crop top or plain tee

If vintage is what vintage wears, wear the dress with the perfect pair of Oxfords and let your hair and your laughter loose.

2014's first STREET STYLE Post featuring Devyani Kapoor, Read here:-

Get quirking!


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  1. You have got a GORGEOUS face no doubttt !! <3 i love your hair. !!
    i wish i could meet u!! :**
    love :)
    hugs ##

  2. wish i could be your slave ,your alluring! long silky hairs , the heels wish i could lick your feets


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