The Summer Kiss

11:02 PM

You can't hide behind it as it amplifies everything in its way. It is the blank canvas waiting to be written upon.

The color white, the color i usually carry off in summers, the color that brings about a gush of freshness in the rather monotonous life.
Like how Black for me is the color in winters, i prefer wearing white in some way or the other in summers.
As light as it feels to the body, it does to the eyes too.

Waking up on a lazy Wednesday noon, while i had stacks of stuff all around my room to be shifted to the new house, i wanted to rather do something exciting.
The thought of pepping up the day was slowly crawling out from the cupboard.
The Boyfriends white shirt. A loose, cozy, mushy yet so chic piece of clothing any girl would love to own. You almost feel like sleeping, waking, eating and wearing it around the house with a shy smile around your lips.

A white shirt has almost the power of defining your day. From a noon to an after noon to an evening look just by adding in minimalist accessories.

Throwing in a pair of Emerald Punk Earrings (By Urban Turban ) to compliment the white shirt (Levis)  for a noon look.

To spruce up the look as the sun went up on the head and for a more formal bent, i added a pair of Ray Bans along with a vintage Timex with a neon nail color (Maybelline) for the afternoon look.

As the evening swelled and the comfort laid back giving way to grace and class, i pulled back the hair into a messy bun and let the eyes play the lead and wish for a summer kiss. (Maybelline colossal)

Vintage is what vintage does. Styled the entire look with subtle moccasins.
I just got granted my summer kiss, how are you wishing for yours?

Wear your whites and paint the canvas this summer.
Love xx

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