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“Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past.”

We all have something or the other we wish to preserve. Preserve till we breathe our last.
While there are other ways, there's one that tests your endurance, your utter need to want one and keep it with you forever.

When i got my first tattoo, i never knew i'd want another. 
Or for a fact i wanted it back then. But things happen and you are determined. So was i.
Back then it felt like a need to explain to people what it means to you, but with years i have realized you get inked for yourself. There shouldn't be a need to elucidate it to the world. You are sure, thus you have it on your body.

My second one happened on the 12 July'14. And for days i kept it to myself without revealing it. But, here it is.
I got mine from an old friend and an expert in his field. Max, from inkinn
Of the entire experience, i remember how he kept telling me 'Keep Faith" and it wont hurt since "I have magical hands."
I did trust him and i love how he gave life to the thought i went with.
Getting a permanent tattoo is a game of faith and of knowing you will grow old with it. You will die with it.
So think, be convinced and know why and where you want it before walking upto a tattoo artist.

This is what i shall grow old with :


What hides between the Quotes is for me to live with. 
As minimal as it looks, it holds all that a million words never will. 
For few people can say a lot within quotes, while some can go on and on.

Get in touch with Max here :,

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  1. Intelignt 1!! D frst evr meaningful tatoo i hv cme across....dos quotes silntly spks alot_brilliant*

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  3. the quote-unquote and the mole like a fullstop jus floating never abandoning fate


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