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I'll have coffee, and you?

A lot of us despite of being in a 'chai trapped' zone are heard saying the same.
The smell of freshly roasted beans, or for that fact a cup of hot coffee is enough to begin the day with satisfaction.

As an ardent coffee person, i usually begin my day with a cup of coffee and the day looks sorted.

On being asked once, what drives me. I said 'coffee and cake' with a serious face. And sure it does. Downing coffee one mug at a time brings a certain high, which only coffee lovers would know.

Lately, while the search for better coffee was on, i came across Blue Tokai Coffee (  An initiative by Matt and his wife, who like most of us found the quality of Coffee in Delhi was poor. Despite the fact that India grows specialty coffee that could compete with just about any in the world, it is surprisingly difficult to find any of it sold domestically

 Blue Tokai Coffee promotes Indian coffee by roasting and grinding (or not, depending on the customer’s preference) single estate beans and getting them in the cups of their customers when at their peak flavor.

I was asked my preference and accordingly my order was sent. 
My order was a course grind that for a french press :

Kallendeverapura's pulp sun dried Arabica dark medium roast is rich bodied with a nutty chocolate finish and an aroma that makes you feel like you walked into a baker's shop.  Low acidity, with cranberry overtones that reflect how the green beans are sun dried with some of the coffee fruit intact

Attikan Estate's AA Arabica Bright, sweet, with nutty overtones and balanced acidity. This is the darkest of the standard medium roasts and recommended for espresso lovers

M.S Estate's special Vienna Roast has amazing body with very low acidity and faint fruity overtones. Oaky and slightly bitter, this option is definitely for you if you like dark roasts.

The one thing that really impressed me was the packaging. Each zip tight packaging is personalized with the buyer's name and the coffee you ordered which makes the entire experience even more beautiful.

The coffee is decently priced and reaches at your doorstep with utmost love. I took almost 3 weeks to slowly and steadily review it to convince myself of this new experience.
I could tell you more over a cup of Blue Tokai coffee, but i'd rather you experience yours and judge for yourself.

Order your coffee here

Until next time, for all you coffee addicts :

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  1. I think I will order some. I'm salivating for the rich taste. Santé

  2. Please do. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as i do.
    Thank you :)


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