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Karen.  A style retrospective. 

Breviloquent recently visited the Marks & Spencer store at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, to participate in the launch of their new Autumn collection to put together a look #PerfectedByYou

The collection combines fresh ruby pinks and sky blues with navy, light grey and white creating a fresh clean look. The palette is freshened with a sporty drop-in pack playing more into the sky blue and soft white.

The styling was inspired by Devyani's (Breviloquent's founder) favorite character ' Karen' from the TV series Californication.
The final look was put together on the basis of the votes and engagement of her social community. While they helped her put the look together, she had her inspiration running through her head.

Follow to see how the final look was created while drawing Karen's characteristics.

                                             LOOK 1

Easy-going, casual yet sexy in her look. She is rugged yet classy and has a fiery, wild side that she tries to quell as much as possible.


In a sea of beautiful women in over-styled looks, tight clothes, and couture, she holds fast. And in a sea of beautiful women, she’s the one he wants most. Elegance, brilliant, formulaic dressing 


As chic and feminine as she is, style runs in her veins. She knows not what she wants, but she knows what she doesn't. As strong as she wasn't yesterday. With the world below her shoes. And why not, they walk her in style.

Pick up all these and more from the Marks & Spencer store.

Well known and loved by millions of people across the world, Marks and Spencer offers
high quality fashion, award-winning food and stylish home ware. Visit www.marksandspencer.com to know more about the brand and the new Autumn Collection.

'This post is sponsored by Marks & Spencer'

Picture Credits : Ankit Mathur and Raag Sarva Khullar

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