The Weekend Unzipped

12:00 AM

                                                        "And as she was ready to leave,
                                                      She missed her place, her window"

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Leaving the house you grew up in, is never a decision you want to take. Its like leaving a lover who has always been around you without being selfish.
And then one day, you pick up your bags and walk away!

I shifted from the home I was born and brought up in, two months ago.
With the new place, came in new challenges.
I did not know people, places, my way to home if I were dropped somewhere and most of all where to fix my caffeine doses from.

While I was looking to meet new people and go out to new places I was growing more as a person each passing day.
I had become more welcoming and more experimental in my attitude.
I wanted to risk it, try it, see it, experience it.

Last weekend while I was all alone and unwell in this huge house, a very dear friend and my neighbor from my old house surprised me and came over to stay.
While i was too happy that he dropped in, I was myself too unsure of places nearby to make a plan with him.

The same weekend few friends of a close friend of mine from Bombay asked to crash at my place since it was too late for them girls to drive to the place they were staying at.
I knew we had brought the party home!!
What happened next, i'll let the pictures tell you.

The night was spent at Cyber Hub around some amazing music, sumptuous food and a round of drinks enough to keep us happy yet high.

"But it'll be all right when the Morning Comes"

The night was over, but the morning was just stretching itself.
We all woke up too early considering we had slept too late. The night went by discussing life and its thousand ways of surprising you.
All night long I told myself, life is such a spontaneous party.
How I was alone and unwell a night ago and how I had so many people here suddenly. People I hardly knew. People who woke up with squishy hugs for me.

But the party was still alive.

While the house was full, there were people still missing.
Two more friends I had recently made dropped in early morning with breakfast plans. We all got up like the empty bottles in the house had done nothing and decided to go have some posh breakfast.

Drove in to this quaint, beautifully-quiet in its own way, situated in a corner, pretty place which calls itself The Joint Cafe.
A place full of posters you would want to steal and quietly walk out like you were an innocent soul, for, NO they aren't on Sale. The food had me and my people flipping. We all went picture maniacs and clicked like a thousand pictures of every expression in that tiny little breakfast area.

See for yourself!

I am still watching though a thousand pictures I received from these people who made my weekend so beautiful, I hope for more people to crash into my house more often. (Well, not really)!
While the next weekend is here, I am still so cheerful and happy about the one that passed away.

PS. If these mouth watering pictures don'd have an effect on you, sorry, we cant be friends.

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  1. That's my weekend in a nutshell. Reading it is like revising my happy time in Gurgaon. :D
    Everybody must visit these places!
    And get them to Bombay pweez!!

  2. You and your friends made the most out of the weekend :)


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