Vintage soirée

12:00 AM

          How long is too long, she asks him on the phone while driving to meet him.
       "Nothing is, till we come back to each other, he said"

                                              And he stands there.
                                                Light blue denim
                                                  A crisp white shirt
                                            With a bunch of orchids
                                And she goes frenzy over the flowers
                                                     And then?

"The rays fall on her, so does the snow. Even autumn leaves cant stand behind.
And then they blame the mortal me, how dare i fall too" he said.

It was a night of magical co-incidences, but then
Everything is written they say
And we kept writing all night long.

With the unique scratch on the LP where it goes slow
                                                      He gets up
                                      Flickers, through her vinyl records
                           With a cigarette slowly burning between his finger
                                                    Stops at Sinatra
                           The wine was diluting in the blood of desires
                            And Sinatra said "I've got you under my skin"

Outfit details - M&S Autumn collection
Floral mesh top and midi skirt - Marks and Spencer
Footwear - Marks and Spencer
Black Clutch - Marks and Spencer
Vintage glasses - From Paris

Picture Credits : Ankit Mathur

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  1. You look so poetic in all the photos. And the writer in me appaulds the words that you have written.


  2. Perfect. The pictures and the words are just flowing ...brewed so brilliantly.
    I didn't want to go through your blog. I can't afford this increased intensity now. What to do?

    1. Thank you so much Dhruv. Coming from you, it does mean so much :)
      About what to do, i suggest you go through the blog even further.


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