To be alone with you

5:58 PM

                                                                - Russell Westbrook

If one pair isn't enough for you like me, then you deserve more. From the last pair here, to these from DULLA Shoes, I can live in them.


DULLA burnish oxfords  | Marks & Spencer gray sweater, high waist jeans, blue Cardigan| Forever21 dress

Maybelline Eye Studio gel eyeliner, Maybelline Color Show blackout 220, Forever21 hair bow
Photos and creative direction by Ankit,  Styling and Editing by me.

A good pair of classy leather oxfords is every woman's dream. Oxfords add up to an androgynous outfit like no other shoe, but they can certainly be worn with sassy womanish garments too.
These burnish oxfords are handmade, pure leather and are limited pairs which once sold aren't made again. Ahmed, the man behind this sheer beauty wants to make his customers feel special with every limited pair they own which is never repeated again
The oxfords are as comfortable worn any way. Style them with a dress over a pair of stockings, with a skirt or over a pair of well fitted jeans for an androgynous look. 

Opening a box of  DULLA shoes is confirmed to have butterflies in your tummy. The pairs reach you in a day and the packaging is as beautiful as are the shoes inside.

Order yours here 

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