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We couldn't have let the clothing castles, which are not works of art, rise eternally in the sky on planet earth. And, hence, we have set sail for your closets to drown them in our avant-garde clothes!

Back in the days when  mix tapes existed, music wasn't a use and throw. Inspired from the love for mix tapes, the reusable, vintage, form of how music is today - a retro cassette boxy crop top made of 100 % modal which drapes like a dream.

                                 "Love of mine, some day you will die

                                       But I'll be close behind

                                  I'll follow you into the dark"

From the music based collection, a Tank top inspired from I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie. 

Inspired from the Porcupine Tree- Lazarus and Trains
Blending the art form, geometric shapes and cubism, this boat neck has an intricate design. This isn't your basic round neck. A lot of concentration has been given on the fashion part of the merchandise as well as the illustration. 

A Radiohead fanatic, are you?
Inspired from Everything In Its Right Place
As satirical as the song, life seems to be simple and in its right place, whereas it is the other way.
The emphasis has been on creating a new culture and putting it out in the most fashionable way

"What was that you tried to say?
Tried to say.. tried to say..
Tried to say.. tried to say..

Everything in its right place"

Do you have days when you think, I Have Nothing To Wear?
Every girls story with a fashion perceptive. 
This is what you need when the symptoms are similar.

Damien Rice is my Hero and 9 crimes is worship worthy.
Promoting indie culture and music, this short tank top inspired from the same. 
If you are as big a fan, you cant miss this one.
I hold this one too close.

                                        Featuring : GLU

Eye wear : Go Spiff | Props : Birthday n More | Acid wash jeans : UCB
Photos by Tejas Jain; creative direction, styling and editing by me.

Blending fashion with illustrative art, GLU designs collections for your clothing needs and calls it the "Clothing Playlists."

GLU has been drawing inspiration from the eternal paradise of works of their dearest artists - musicians, painters, architects, sculptors, writers, dancers et al.
Not only do they paint the clothing cosmos with vast tracts of beauty, but make sure to create a culture t
hat will shine through and grow up into something as fine as an aging wine. 

For orders drop a mail here :
(The same is available in all sizes for men too)

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