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                          "Posing like a lady, dreaming like a kid"

Printed Pankaj and Nidhi dress 

Royal Plum Annabelle Earrings

Royal Plum Ashley Earrings

                                                                   Royal Plum JLO Earrings


Black Pazzion Heel & Buckle heels.

                                                           Royal Plum Phantom Lennons

                                                         Royal Plum Night Queen bauble



Royal Plum Blooms of Crystal Bauble

                                                              Featuring : 

Shoes - Heel & Buckle, Earrings, Baubles & Eye wear - Royal Plum ,
Eyes : Maybelline eye studio gel eye liner | Lips : Mac Ruby Woo

Its the last month of the year and with that, the last post.
Also its my birthday tomorrow and I have unleashed myself. With everything I never experimented with, it was time to unleash that side of me.
The month of joy and celebrations and to make plans of starting afresh. Every year life teaches us to begin again and this month with all the people who plan to make my day and this month special have made me unleash myself.
The final post is all the more special since my birthday dress comes from the designers I admire the most - Pankaj & Nidhi.

Shoes are every girls dream, they are never enough even when your closet is full. My dreams came from Heel & Buckle with everything Royal from Baubles to Earrings to eye wear from Royal Plum.
I wanted to work with all my favorites in the final post of the year and start new from the coming year. I wish you all happy holidays and loads of happiness.
Thank you for staying around and appreciating our work.

- Devyani

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