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Not a make up person, but I certainly devote a lot of time to my shower schedule. Infact, I put all the time I save from the other 'getting ready chores' into my shower time. Blessed with a strong nose, I might be picky about what I use but I am certainly open to experimenting when it comes to bath and body.
Winter is in its full swing in Delhi and a lot changes when it comes to bath and body with the change in the weather. While I have some of my staples, there's something new I stumbled upon and tried. In the search of trying something natural yet soothing I picked up few products from the bath and body section of 
The most striking feature is that the products are natural, with no added preservatives or chemicals. All the products are made using only those ingredients which do not contain additives of any kind. They also have pure A-grade essential oils to ensure maximum health benefits and therapeutic value of each product. 

I picked up -

Stress Relief Body Scrub : Grape fruit, Spearmint Eucalyptus sugar and sea salt scrub 
is made to scrape away the stress with the healing of essential oils and aromatherapy. 

The Body Scrub has been divided into two containers to minimize the chances of leakage. Once you are ready to use it, mix the oil and the sugar sea salt together, apply onto the skin and massage for exfoliation. Wash away with water only. Do not use soap or shower gel after the body scrub, you may use it prior to the same. The skins feels lighter and healthier once you start using the product regularly.

Tranquility Body Butter: Lavender Ylang Ylang body butter is a tranquil aromatherapy 

of essential oils made to sooth the the mind and heal the body.

This has got to be my favorite out of all the products. Smells beautiful and the after 
effect is indeed what I hadn't expected. It leaves the skin moisturized with a light 
fragrance and a sheen.
Stays on for very long and the fragrance is mild yet very refreshing. 
(If you have tattoos, I'd suggest not using the product on it. All three of my tattoos
 had a little irritation few hours after I used the product. But then, this will
depend on the kind of skin you have. I have a very delicate skin when it comes to using 

Make up remover : Made from all natural oils to nurture the skin and deep cleansing 
action decreases puffiness around the eyes, lengthens the lashes and eradicates the dark 

I am not a make up person but I certainly like to do my kohl perfectly. The product 
works well on a smudge proof kohl and has a dual result. Minimizes the puffy eyes and 
helps in reducing the dark circles.
You wouldn't need a lot of the product to work on even if you apply a lot of make up.

Body Oil :It is made up of Rose-hip Seed, Fractionated Coconut, Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose Essential Oil. 

After your shower, on damp skin, just smear a small amount of it on your body. Massage it gently over your arms and legs to ensure proper coverage. You can choose to rinse it away with some warm water or simply towel dry your skin.
The product has a little too strong smell for what I prefer, even though it leaves the skin a lot more softer even after only a single use.

     Tranquility Body Butter and Stress Relief Body Scrub

     Tranquility Body Butter , Stress Relief Body Scrub , Make up remover and Body oil

The other staples I use are the Bath and Body works products, especially the Dark Kiss for the orgasmic (Sigh) fragrance and for the long lasting effect. The mist stays on for long as compared to the others I have tried. Well, there's a reason I have a bigger one stocked up already.

The Floral Collection from Marks and Spencer captures the essence of your favorite fragrances in its bath and body range. With traditional scents (Rose here) the products leave your skin cleansed, soft and delicately fragranced.

- Devyani

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