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With the onset of the New Year, I am extremely thankful to so many people for coming, staying and going from my life and for making me who I am. You can stop no one, but you can always smile and say Thank you.While people have played a crucial role in my life, the city has done its part too. Having stayed in Delhi since my birth, I have absorbed much from the city and the places I frequent. While these places have some good and some bad memories, the city as a whole defines life and love for me. I and Aurindam recently shot with Myntra.com for their Street Style Winter Wear for Delhi where each one of us wore what defines us the best. While Aurindam sees the city in hues of colors, I find happiness in black and white. Aurindam being a Bong from Calcutta but a Punju at heart, and vice versa when it comes to me, we both have had our share of Delhi and all that it has given to us. Wearing what defines us the best in this post, Aurindam chose colors while I chose vintage. Shot on the busiest streets of Delhi, the looks have been Styled by Devesh Pant for Myntra.com

On Devyani : Top: Wills Signature, Pankaj and Nidhi | Bottom: Mango | Coat: PUNK | Frames: Stylist's own
On Auridam : Top: Super Dry | Bottom: Derby | Shoes: High Sierra | Frames: Stylist's own

                                                                                                                                 - Devyani

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  1. Wow ! U look so pretty !
    would u like to follow each other n stay in contact..
    Hope to see u soon on my blog


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