Lights. Camera. Debonair

7:23 PM

"..And up next is Debonair"

The one statement that used to send chills up my spine. 
We were up next. The ramp was set. The crowd was cheering. They knew 'Debonair' was what was enough to put all the others to shame. I was going to walk first.

 Debonair! Yes. That’s what we all were/are- suave, elegant, refined, charming, well groomed sophisticated and urbane.
And that’s pretty much that set us apart.
The year I stepped into the fashion world, the year I started the journey that I am still the only owner of, the part of life that made Breviloquent what it is today.

A major throw back to when all of it started.

The garments were hugely inspired by Lady Gaga. Everything in white net, multiple layering, transparent falls, and a lot of gathering and frills to give the garments life. 
In its time Debonair was one of the well known fashion teams and had made its presence in almost all the widely read magazines and newspapers. The team was known for their creativity in what ever they wore, the drool worthy formations and a lot of sensual posing.

                                           Conceptualization  : Debonair
                                               Garments : Lalit Sengar
                                            Pictures : Mayank Khurana

                                            *Lights.. Camera..Walk in*


- Devyani

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  1. "Suave, elegant, refined, charming, well groomed sophisticated and urbane." So.Well.Put
    These are the words that come to my mind when I see you on my TL.
    Very well done. Sexy you are.


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