5 Times When Dirty Dancing's ‘Baby’ Made Us Swoon

7:29 PM

An overtly romantic drama film?
Sounds like a sorted plan for the weekend!

It’s only legit to jump into your comfy PJ’s and give up to your mushy side. I have watched Dirty Dancing yet again and like always, it makes me go ‘Aww’ with mush.
The amount of times I have thought ‘maybe I could learn to dance like that’ is as crazy as Baby aka Jennifer Grey’s sassy moves in the movie.

It was the summer of 1963

The final dance routine

It is a classic and I dare. I double dare, every girl to watch this film and not fall in love with Patrick Swayze.  *Hubba Hubba*

For those of you who have not seen this film (what is even wrong with you)

I bet you’ll be swaying and tapping your feet by the end.

I have never really appreciated the wardrobe for this film as much as it deserves. The dresses in all of the dance scenes are incredible, it’s Baby’s casual day-to-day style that reflects her simplistic style that seems so effortlessly chic.
Baby’s character is portrayed as a reserved ‘goody-two shoes’ at the beginning, with numerous outfits but the viewer does not even notice the amount of changes. Sigh!

My favorite remains these 5 times when Jennifer Grey aka Baby nailed the looks and how.
Watch and learn -

1.      Oversized shirts and slouchy denims
Running errands? This should be perfect .

2.      High waist denims, and lots and lots of them. 
             Make up? Check!

3.      Tuck in those tanks
  Feeling a bit too umm.. sexy?


4.      White plimsolls, denims and floaty shirts.
Tuck the shirt in or tie a knot and put on a high waist. You are ready to shake a leg or two now.


5.      Swirling in your tulle skirt yet?
      Break out into some flirtatious moves and have the time of your life ;)

She looks fantastic and her looks are timeless. I don’t think there is anyone else who could have played Baby the way she did. And anyway “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”

Jhonny and Baby

Watch it and you’ll know what I mean.

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