12:18 AM

She awaits.
   Eyes full of hope. Heart full of love.
He should be here soon.
           With the month of love here, we take you through a little date with a love struck woman.
   While red is cliched, cliches are good at times.

Everyone celebrates big days together, can small moments suffice for us?
Everyone chases perfection to find happiness,
Can we find happiness in the chase?
Everyone says a lot, means a little
Can we turn the tables?

 On Devyani : Falguni Thakore red skater dress, DilliLane Blazer,  Belt : ZARA, Feet : Tresmode, Leather Bag : Brandless, Lips : L'Oreal Go rouge (Sonam Kapoor)

Photography by : Jasmin Kaur


                                                                               Placing my lashes
                                                                               As the silverware
                                                                              Letting our memories hum
                                                                              As our date song

                                                                             Together then let’s cook
                                                                             Some beautiful dreams..

They will then meet, at a vintage little quaint place. Just as they like it.


Bag Courtesy : Brandless

- Devyani

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