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As more and more couples make a beeline for candid wedding photography, it has become nothing less than a rage. In a huge deviation from conventional photography, candid photography walks you through your D-day, all the while helping you relive the moments. But through the generations, we've become so acclimatized to conventional photography that totally diverging from it doesn't sit well with a lot of people.
That is where photographers like Faizan Patel enter the scene.

Today, he is among the most sought after wedding photographers in the city. His work speaks for itself, be it the shots capturing the giggling, bickering or the shy smiles, he thinks each picture has a story to tell.

We asked Faizan few imperative questions that you might want to know before you contact him.

Breviloquent : How would you introduce Faizan Patel Photography to people who might not know?

Faizan : Faizan Patel Photography swears by the mantra that the key to capturing good candid pictures isn't always the technique or the quality of the camera, but the rapport that is established and the level of comfort that is attained with the couple. We offer an irrefutable package consisting of both conventional and candid photography, taking care of both the aspects. I am not just any other photographer with a camera. I am a story teller and I firmly believe that they(the couple) are the leading characters.

B: Tell us the Price Range viz a viz services and other detailed services provided by you with prices? 
       F: I charge anything between 70,000 to a lac for weddings depending on how elaborate the affairs and requirements are. Every family has different needs, which can only be understood when we meet them.
The price includes Candid, Traditional Photography and Videography. I am in the process of making a team for Wedding Films as well.

B: Do you also provide a videographer besides candid photography? How does the package change in that case?

F: Yes I do. I have partnered with my cinematographer friend for the same. That package in wedding films start from 60,000/- 

B: On what basis does the price vary? If you could give us few examples.

F: Any additional add-ons like Fun Photobooth, Pre-wedding shoots, Etc change the cost of the package.

B: What is your take on pre-wedding photography? How does the package change for a customer inclusive of this?

F: It starts from 20,000 onwards for shoots inside/outside Delhi. Depends on the location and theme they have in mind. 

B: Are there any tips to keep in mind when looking for a vendor in this category?

F: Look for vendors with adequate experience in the field.  Also their clientele list and the one who would have a taste for your style of photography. 

BWhat kind/type of weddings do you love to cover the most, professionally?

F: Personally I love all Punjabi Gurudwara weddings. They are full of color, are crazy and short. You always feel like you are a part of wedding as a guest more than a photographer. 

B: Any special service you want our readers to know about before approaching you?

F: I have been wanting to offer Fun Photobooth options to my clients especially for Cocktail and Reception parties instead of the typical boring group shots.

Although marriage ceremonies might seem similar on the surface, Faizan strives to ensure that the coverage of each wedding is distinct in its own way, bringing out the personality of the couple.

Get in touch with Faizan :

- Devyani Kapoor

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