Gypsy Diary

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Travel Post 2 from Travel post 1

"Gypsy Diary"

I have always been obsessed with Shakira's 'Gypsy' and the gypsy ways of trotting the globe with no specific place to go to. The thought of going to nowhere and belonging to no one interested me always. While growing up, I never had the opportunity to take up traveling or even put forth the idea. What did not happen then, is happening now.
With two unplanned vacations all by myself, I am a much confident gypsy now. Going to places unknown, with unplanned days and unseen nights, the thought of being on my own liberates me and sets me free.
My last trip to the Northwest of India was a quick one. It involved not only traveling but rediscovering. While on the run, I was accompanied by the luxurious Brandless Leather bags that held my travel strong. The bags are made of handmade leather and are as spacious and classy in their appearance. They range from travel bags to laptop sleeves to even camera bags and more.

So, while you are on the run with your Gypsy self, keep it strong, yet keep it classy

 On Devyani Brandless Leather Bags, Forever21 Tee, Trekking Ankle Boots, Midi rings, Levis Distressed Jeans, Royal Plum club-masters, Heel and Buckle kitten heels.

Photography : Jasmin Kaur

                                                                                         Camera Bag

     Travel Duffel Bag

       Laptop Sleeve

- Devyani Kapoor

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