Sugar Love

10:42 PM

There are dates, then there are perfect dates.

This is the latter. From food to ambiance to service to the place in all, all is as perfect as ever wanted your dream date to be.
Madison & Pike is placed in a quaint corner in Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country on the sector 50 of Gurgaon. It isn't one of your very elaborate places, but enough to make all your meals as special as never before. 
If you are fond of books like me and a foodie like my date, then Madison & Pike is the place for you. The place is all about a perfect concoction of books and sumptuous food
What did I order for him till he arrives?

                                                                 It will be a buffet
                                                             We can eat till the stars gleam

                                                                  It’s our date
                                                              And all we need is us

                                                              You can serve, every hug
                                                             In repeat, till we sleep

                                                          And don’t forget your kisses
                                                             The perfect dessert rush

                                                                 And all we need is us

                                                             Photography : Jasmin Kaur
                                                             Location : Madison & Pike

Location : Madison & Pike

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