Travel Candy

10:31 PM

Picking up your bags and heading out to somewhere can be liberating as can be living on the edge. (No, I mean it)
Traveling, like I had heard can be therapeutic.
But traveling alone is indeed liberating. The idea of being on your own, doing what you want to, when you want to, with no inhibitions or rules, or people around you is what can set you free, leaving you with stories that will always be dear to you.
Plans or no plans, setting out of the confinement of your comfort zone is infact what everyone needs to do atleast once. And when you do it once, the next shall follow.

While you are on the go, remember to travel classy.
Brandless made sure my travel diary has enough classy leather travel bags to hold my journey strong.

On Devyani : Brandless Leather Backpack, Forever21 Tee, Trekking Ankle Boots, Midi rings, Levis Distressed Jeans, Royal Plum map watch, Lennon shades.

Photography : Jasmin Kaur. 

Brandless :
Insta :

                                                                             T. S. Eliot

- Devyani

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