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Imagine making a house around a little flower vase that someone gifted you. You build it all up just to put  up that pretty vase in there somewhere. My Goa trip happened somewhat like that.
Twitter addict that I am (quite proudly) I won myself a return ticket by India's newest Vistara Airlines.

The experience was as comforting and as luxurious. The leather back rests, the leg room, designated cabin crew and most of all the in-flight food is something you might want to try for yourself to be able to know what I experienced.

The thought that I need to take a break took over all the pending shoots, meetings, work and I planned to pack my bags for a week.
I have never before been to Goa. Since this was my first, I planned to go exploring and experiencing.
If you have never been to Goa, things might just get easier for you now. If you have and know better, please let me know. Who knows, I might just pack my bags again.


1. Research before you book your stay.
There are options, then there are better options and then there are more options. You might want to look for all the possible options (economically and otherwise) before you book. Keep in mind the distance to the beaches from where you will be staying.

    Titos Lane

I stayed at Beira Mar Alfran Resort which is 2 minutes from Baga Beach (From Titos Lane) The stay was economical as well as comfortable and safe. With the comfort of sumptuous meals inside the resort and two humongous pools, I think I'd like to book the same place for my next visit too. The staff was the best I have ever seen and they don't mind bending the rules they have once in a while.


2. Have your riding skills sorted
Goa is best done on scooties. So if you are someone who cant ride one (like me), you will surely get autos and Taxies, which will make you regret. One can hire scooties, jeeps, bikes on a day basis, which is a minimal of 300 rupees where as the tourist taxies will charge you 300 for one way

3. Beach please
Goa is full of beaches, so decide if you want to see them all or be on one and act like a lazy whale.
Baga is the most crowded for it is easily accessible when it comes to distance. Calangute is on the opposite side (2 kms away)
Where as to go to Anjuna and Vagator (approx 10kms away)  you'd need a transport. (Rs 300 by a taxi for one way)

    Baga Beach

4. Get lost, who knows what you might find (who you might find)
As rightly told to me by a very dear friend Fuzail, "Don't go there to find a place, while you are lost is when you'll find something.
Expected the unexpected when you are lost, who knows who you might meet ;)

5. Try all possible places to eat from
There are lots of places that people will suggest. I'd ask you to stop by and try what ever you think you want to.
My experience of food, from Brittos, to shacks to road side to even clubs was absolutely great. Though I did not relish the Goan Fish curry and the very popular drink Feni.

    Had my first ever Vada Pav and Bhelpuri at Calangute Beach

I spent most of my time at Andrews Beach Cafe which is towards your right when you enter from the Titos lane. The food was brilliant and so were the services you could avail, from massages to fresh cut fruits to well, 'stuff' and a lot of conversations.

    Lunch at Andrews

    Dinner at Andrews


    Baga at night

Shopping in Goa is as cheap as is the food. As Fuzail rightly says "Quote your price rather than asking theirs"
Also, keep enough cash since none of the places accept cards and ATM's are a little difficult to find.

    Anjuna flea market 

Goa is filled with tattoo stores which looks like the main source of income.
You might be tempted to try and get one, but I'd suggest not to.

                                                                   Anjuna and Vagator Beach

   Zoori's at Anjuna

Until the next beach waves!

Thank you Vistara.

- Devyani

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With inputs from Fuzail ( Red_Fuze on Twitter)

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