Runaway Bride

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Part II of the series of the grand, Label Nitya Bajaj x Devyani Kapoor for Breviloquent
Part I Here

I have fallen in Love. I have fallen out of love. Each time I thought it will stay, I'd hold it tighter. The next moment it would slip out of my fist like sand. Never have I believed in the institution of marriage, nor will I do. The tag comes with a price I don't wish to pay.
But I often think of walking down the aisle holding my fathers hand, only to run away.
The concept of Runaway Bride has always excited me. What would it be to run away, leaving behind all the worldly bonds, societal norms and everything you are forced to do because that is how it has always been.
All this only looks glittery in novels, and I have read many where the man and the woman live happily after. But I deny to believe in forever. I would instead like to believe in Never.

While all this stands true, it is all true that every time I see a bride I wish I were her. I wish to be her to be able to be in that grand wedding gown.
That one dress which is better than any dress you have ever worn or will wear. The one dress you don't want to get out of.  I might not believe in weddings, but I certainly crave to wear one of those luxurious wedding gowns.  And when I saw this one at Label Nitya Bajaj, I knew it was time I lived my pretend wedding.
The peach silk gown with intricate swarovski work was no less than a living dream. The second I wore it, I knew my moment had arrived.
Nitya knows and understands womanhood like no one I have met till date. She makes sure her garments fit you like a dream and you feel like a princess living in that dream.
Her store at 37A Shahpur Jat had my mouth open when I saw the elaborate gowns and dresses she weaves like a dream for her customers.

On Devyani - Peach silk gown by Label Nitya Bajaj, Royal Plum earrings
Series shot by Ankit Mathur

Check here  or visit 37A Shah Pur Jat

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- Devyani

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