Another Day

3:53 PM

Yet another day. Just another day. One more day.
It all depends on how you take what life gives you. As a firm believer of take what comes your way and let what wants to go, go away, I wake up each morning. I might have an agenda or I might not, but its a new day and plans can always be made. Leaving behind what happened last night, starting afresh. Starting like it never happened, starting like you never cared. You chose your own battles, you picked your own fights. And when you did so, you knew they were as trivial and you were as strong to face them. Wear your bravest face and live it out yet another day. You might be pulled, you might be broke, you might even be dead from within, but you are alive. And that is enough to live yet another day.
Its a pity how our eyes rarely meet when our hearts are always in a meeting but then the aroma of the album of your life, sustains in our feelings not in our sightings.

On Devyani : Bounjour socks, Thrifted Workout pair from Goa flea, Manchester white shirt, Lee distressed jeans, Forever21 LBD and tan brogues, Heel and Buckle Kitten heels.
Art Direction and Pictures by Ankit Mathur
Styling and Editing by Devyani



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- Devyani

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