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8:33 PM

Time to go beyond mobile first and start thinking 'mobile-only.'

Imagine shopping at the pick of your finger. Exactly that!

No walking down to the malls, streets, fleas but picking up your phone and pointing towards what you like. Click on Myntra , select all that you need and all that you want and then let your card/cash do the talking. We are gradually approaching the day when fashion will be all about picking up your gadget and later having it right at your doorstep.

A few years back, a common issue with the value of mobile was that “phones are not for marketing”, because you couldn’t do anything real on a phone or tablet, like payments, to name one. That time is well behind us, the mobile technology has not only shaped the customer journey, it has also changed the entire experience of connecting with clients. So well, it’s time to go beyond mobile first and start thinking mobile-only.

The smartphone is already the first screen among connected customers, the first place they go to communicate on social networks, look for information about products and brands and share their opinions, wants and needs. Gone are the days when connections were faulty, touch screens as slow as a turtle, and the only marketing action you could think about was ‘SMS advertising’. The evolution of mobile devices has brought to you amazing new tools to up the connection level with the customers, and build a digital customer experience

5 Things that will change in the future, where Fashion will be in the mobile only world.

1. Selfie stuck

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Bid goodbye to happy mirror selfies with bags hung delicately on your arms to prove how much of a shopaholic you are.

2. Trial queues

No more “I came here first” quarrel ouside the ever so crowded changing room. Try how much ever in the comfort of your house. And oh! Click selfies.

3. I saw it first

“ But I picked it before you”
We all have said that so many times while this other person laid hands on the product you liked from a distance. Buy all that you want. Just beware of your neighbor wearing the same on the same day.

4. Bill my buy

“Why are you taking ages to process my bill?”
‘cause you probably shopped like a beast.
Choose, Pick, Buy, that is what online shopping is about.

5. Hold my bags, will you?

If you are the boyfriend or even the husband, we know how terrified you get at the name of shopping. Well, you wouldn’t even know anymore.

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- Devyani

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