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Imagine being thrown back to the yesteryear in todays modern time. Of all that belonged to the time when we were uninformed little kids. Of the lanterns and the cameras unlike the modern day equipments. Of the gramophones, bioscope and huge telephones and ofcourse the good old Champak, Tinkle and chacha choudhary.
I have loved them all and keep a special place for everything vintage in my oh so modern heart.
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When an opportunity walks your way, never say no. I firmly believe that and that is what went behind this post. We shot at the newly opened Desi Roots cafe and bar in saket. The presentation and the ambience is sure to take you back to when you were growing up while the nostalgia catches your attention. The menu is selective yet represents the diversity in cuisines across regions.
If this post entices you enough that you plan to check the place out try Breviloquents favourite :
Desi by Roots drink, Chipotle Chicken Tikka with Avocado Raita, Veg Khurchan Tacos, Rasmalai Makhani and the very famous Badam Halwa Baklava with Shrikhand.

                    On Devyani : W for Woman flared skirt, Vintage stock shop Rajputana jhumkas,
                    Art Direction and Pictures by Aanchal Kalra and the team (Amrita and Navneet), Editng: Devyani
                    Location : Desi Roots cafe and bar, Saket

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- Devyani

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