All Things Precious

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"All Things Precious" was a pet project building in my head since Breviloquent was born. Breviloquent started as a one man army and gradually build its number. With people from different cities now a part of Breviloquent, it was never about one person. It was always about us all. Exactly why I quit all of my work to begin Breviloquent.
A lot of people have put in their passion and ther interest to make Breviloquent what it is. Out of which Jasmin Kaur picked up her love for clicking after long to be a part of the team. She has been the one behind some of the gorgeous pictures on the blog. It was time she came to pose in front of the camera. And what better than do this for her birthday. Together we have sat ideating, styling, executing so many projects but this one was surely very special.

It was about out mutual love for shoes.

When The Tan Base that offers 100% leather footwear approached me few months ago and I had the pleasure of seeing their newly launched shoes, I knew the brand shares my choice of footwear. I had been making up my mind to buy one in Rose Gold and Pink but could never find the perfect pair. The designs and quality finish are internationally competitive and are ahead of the current collection available in the Indian market. The fit and the comfort of the shoes is something that had been missing when it comes to flats. These pairs surely fit into my All Things Precious list and I am going to wear them so often this Summer.
Stay with us for Part II from The Tan Base story.

On Devyani : The Tan Base Rose Gold and Latte flats, Forever21 white summer dress, Ginger statement ring, Mac Ruby Woo lips

On Jasmin : The Tan Base Eden Silver Straps flats, Ginger summer dress, Forever21 midi rings, Esprit watch.

Pictures by Ankit Mathur
Creative Direction and editing by Devyani
Location courtesy : Another Fine Day (Gurgaon)

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- Devyani

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  1. So.All about girls? The Tan Base Rose Gold and Latte flats, Forever21 white summer dress, Ginger statement ring, Mac Ruby Woo lips. Not denying the photography being awesome Jasmin. And ms. Breviloquent Good work Devyani. -A Twitter follower

  2. Hah! Thank you so much. Would be so good if this follower had a name. But, I appreciate that you took time to go through it and well, read it too. And so well. xx


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