Diary of Juniper

5:30 PM

I sleep with some five books around me. The comfort of waking up to them in the middle of the night is way better than waking up to anyone else. I know for a fact, they'll stay. My room is a cluster of happy memories. With around double a dozen of pictures from all these years with my people, my lovers, my family. I haven't really gotten over few people and every time someone tells me I should. I tell them how I have learnt some beautiful life lessons that make me never want to forget them.

Maybe this is the reason why I don't like to take work related calls before 10 am, I want to wake up with the comfort of having the remains of the last night close to me. My books, my laptop, some coffee and my memories.
But being who I am and what I have chosen, doesn't come that easily. My days are mostly decided and when they are not, it puts me off.
I like to start my day with everything fresh. From my breakfast to renewed determinations to fresh work plans, Amidst all of this I do forget to say hello to lunch and sometimes dinner, thus breakfast has to be my best meal.
On days when I have to rush but I wake up craving for something as delicious as healthy, frsh.com is my go to place.
With a concept of serving the healthiest, tasty, calorie counted, hygienically prepared food, Frsh strives to serve the best to people who have no time and hence tend to eat junk. The fresh juices, to the packaging to the delivery time are all perfect to the T, making you have the most guilt free food right at the beginning to the end of your day.

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Letter Note Cushions

Pictures by Jasmin
Editing and art Direction by Devyani

Breakfast Menu : Immune booster, Daily green juice, Vietnamese grilled chicken salad, Healthified Mexican bean salad, Chicken cold sandwich
You can check out our menu here: http://frsh.com/

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- Devyani

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  1. "I have learnt some beautiful life lessons that make me never want to forget them"

    While quoting your words, I chanced with a conspicuous fact, that, your words are as exquisite as the writer, however, mentioning. Both defines beauty. Btw I might consider frsh.com the next time my mom is not in a mood to cook. hehe. -That Twitter follower

  2. Hello That Twitter Follower, Thank you :)
    Elated that you read through and picked one of my favourite line. I would love to know who you are.
    More love ad power.

  3. Names are impotent. They do not have the ability to describe the kind of character what one poses.
    Once I met a girl who was impossibly white skinned, seeking some help, sat next to me. Eventually her obfuscation ended, n she stood up to leave verbalizing parting words and her name. Guess what was her name? Kalavati. (Kala?) Really? Hence, names are irrelevant & insignificant. On the other hand, being anonymous is way cooler & mystical. LOL
    Anyways. I read your latest article, Summer Delight. Want to tell you 2two things. 1. Are you aware of what you have got in you is a smoking hot vogue? Sorta 'cliché' no? 2. You write awesome.

    BTW, ye The Tan Base wale boys ke liye b kuch bnate hain qa? ;-)

    1. Haha we'll leave it like that. Thank you so much. So happy you liked it. Glad to have a reader like you. What did you like best from the new post? Which part?

  4. I would rather tell you this on that one itself.


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