Lets Fall in Lust

4:57 PM

"We cant fall in love, but we can sure fall in lust"
I wonder quite often if the two could survive alone or are they in a live in? How would love feel if there was no lust or the other way. Or what if the two walk alone in a parallel world? I have always used them both in one sentence, so I wouldn't know.
I usually run away from colors. With a wardrobe that is filled up with greys and black, the only emotion I relate with the color red is love and lust.
What better than putting both love and lust together. That is exactly what this post intends. Hope you fall in both together.

That is exactly what I felt when I came across these lust-worthy red heels with a tinge of golden stardust from Marlschuz. As sassy as they look. they are unbelievably comfortable and easy to walk in. Marlschuz, a Bombay based label is known not only for designing such gorgeous beauties, but they very well customize shoes according to ones need. Having designed and manufactured shoes for a lot of big names at the Lakme Fashion week, they have me lusting.
These specific heels were custom made for my size. I am certainly a shoe hoarder and these shoes are going to find a space in the top most shelf of the many shoes I own.

On Devyani : Red backless evening dress from a local store in London, Marlschuz heels , W for Woman golden earrings.
 Pictures by Jasmin
Editing and art Direction by Devyani


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- Devyani

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