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She is me. Or am I she?

Ever stood for a second in your ever so busy life to think how blessed you are?
Yes you are. You have her. The strongest force behind your being. The woman who has always stood by your side, no matter what, no matter when.
Mothers are indeed a blessing and who would know that better than me. I have her keep awake for me when I am late from work. I have her ready with the cake piece when she knows I have had a tough day. I have her standing by my side in the toughest of life's path. I have had her tell me 'no matter how hard it might tonight, the next will be the best.'

Meet the woman behind who I am. The main person behind the being of Breviloquent and several other decisions that I ever made.
While brands are busy doing campaigns on this Mother's day, W for Woman choose to share some happiness. 
She has seen me pose for years, now it was her chance to support me on camera and not from behind the scenes.
Mrs Kapoor is camera shy, so was I once. And that is exactly what I told her before the shoot. W made sure we looked our best in the W wear. They also made sure my mother has a god time this Mother's day.
You can thank and pamper your mom too. Take your main woman to the nearest W store and style her. Send your beautiful pictures to W on Facebook and wait for the goodies that shall be sent right to your door step for the prettiest lady in your life.

My hair bun might not be as tidy as hers, but I make sure I replicate her in all other aspects. My main woman, my only woman. She is my Mother.

On Devyani : W for Woman topwear and bottomwear, Fabindia oxidised silver earrings
On Mom : W for Woman top wear. Raw silk dupatta from Amritsar

Pictures by Jasmin
Editing by Devyani

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- Devyani

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