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‘I see a pair of shoes I adore, and it doesn’t matter if they have them in my size. I buy them anyway.’ 
Yes I do.
A woman's best friend? Shoes for me. 
A mans best friend? Shoes indeed.
When was the last time you stepped in to buy a pair of luxury shoes and thought it was too overpriced? Yes, we all do. But on the other hand we are tempted.
Breviloquent was in the city of Taj, also known for the large number of shoe setups.
While Breviloquent has worked with a dozen leading shoe labels and brands from India and Abroad and it has always been for our Women readers, this time we traveled to find something for our Men readers.
Alberto Torresi is an iconic footwear brand defined by an empowered sense of glamor and a confident sense of style with an expertise exceeding a century and finest craftsmanship.
Breviloquent was at their factory and what we saw was pure delight. To buy a shoe and to know how it is made till it reaches you is a world of a difference. Each shoe at Alberto Torresi is an ode in itself. From the technologically advanced procedures, intricate craftsmanship, to the comfort and durability of each shoe, we actually tried our best to twist and turn their products to see the reaction on the shoe. The minutest of details are given preference while they produce shoes to suit the Indian market. Much R&D has gone into making the shoes for the right fit and look for the Indian foot, while giving the design a little twist for it to stand out from the usual.
The shoes are available online as well as offline
Check our picture story to know what goes on inside while making the shoes that reach you.

On Devyani : Harpa sheer maxi dress by Jabong
Pictures  by Ankit Mathur
Editing by Devyani

On Devyani : Harpa Black Striped Dress from Jabong

The easy breezy maxi dress is the right pick for the sultry summer days.
Buy here
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- Devyani

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