Before Sunset

8:45 PM

'Royal forts, Royal rides and us. A moment of our, in a world of his'
On a sultry summer day, Breviloquent set on a little trip to the city of love. There are few places that I have only heard of and have never had the opportunity to visit even though my wandering soul craves to experience the sunrise and sunset in different lands.
While I had Goa on this list too, that was ticked off few months ago. Next on my list had been Agra since very long. An overtly romantic person that I am, I connect with few places like none and while I have it in my head, I try to keep myself on the road until the craving is satiated.

While we disclose the actual purpose of our visit in the next blog, I was looking to see a few of these places that I have only read and heard about.
People often look to visit the Taj when in Agra, I wanted to visit the place that the Taj was inspired from; Sikandara. The places where Akbar was laid to rest.
The tomb of Akbar the great is an important Mughal architectural piece. The place has all the more reason to inspire you to create something that will stay with you once the sun sets, for I strongly believe that the aroma of the album of our life sustains in our feelings, not in our sightings.
Taking you through my serene and picturesque evening right before the sunset with an Outfit Post from Agra..

On Devyani : Harpa Sheer maxi dress from Jabong, Blur Book Platforms oxfords, Royal Plum Lennons, Bag from Goa.
Pictures by Ankit Mathur
Creative Direction and editing by Devyani
Location : Sikandara 

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- Devyani

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  1. Wow so many beautiful photos. I love the architecture of India. Akbar's tomb is a marvel. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Yasmin

    1. Hello Yasmin,
      Thank you so much :)
      So glad you liked it. The architecture is indeed so beautiful. Infact the Taj Mahal is inspired from Sikandara. The only difference being the dome on the Taj.



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