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June has been the most satisfying month for me and for my team. While we have worked on multiple projects to vent out the creative juices within us, we thought of going on a break. A break to get inspired. A break to jump back again.
This week we were supposed to be shooting our last project and close it there. While it was all ready and we were all set, the weather gods planned on playing a little prank at the last minute and we had to cancel it all. While on our way back, I could sense the disappointment, and while we were still on the ROAD, we planned to be there and close it while were still moving. Moving towards where we feel the most happy.
No make up, No lights, No planning, No location, No planned garments. Just one song that played in the background and our craving souls.
A quick unplanned outfit post.
Inspiration : Portishead, Roads.
“Thank god for Music and Fashion in life. They have been my companions for a long while now, and it’s wonderful how both of these play versatile roles. In certain situations, they can intensify your happiness. And help you release or conceal your pain, in others.”

On Devyani : The Glu Affair Tee, Myntra jeans, Woodland shoes, Brandless leather duffel bag
 Pictures Ankit Mathur

Editing by Devyani 

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- Devyani

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  1. Not sure about the Weather gods' conducts over your journey-cum-break or the karma for taking your exams(you tweeted about) for granted. Haha. What I am sure about over here, are Music & Fashion playing versatile roles ineluctably true and your new avatar being awesome! Stunning! Downloaded some of those for my Cellphone's wallpaper. :-D  No, seriously, I owe this Photographer a hug. *virtual hugs* . Au revoir my favorite fashion writer.

  2. Almost forgot to place my signature. -T.T.F. for the above and this one.

    1. HAHAHA.
      That was a long wait. Thank you so much mystery man. So glad someone (read, a man) noticed the change.
      Also, wallpaper? I see.
      But I am glad you read more than you see.
      Much love and good vibes.


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