Wait With Me.

7:18 PM

I want us to wait for late night connecting flights. I want us to wait for our dinner under the open sky. I want us to wait in our favorite coffee place before the movie begins. I want us to wait in each other's arms before the moon falls asleep. I want us to wait for the sunset like how Jesse and Celine did in Before Sunset. I want us to wait for all the moments that became memories. I want us to wait for when You became my world and I became your fantasy.
All this while I have waited for you.
Tonight, wait with me?
Everybody finds big days to celebrate, can small moments suffice for us, my love?
Taking our After Party to a place unknown, a place that will mark the beginning of something new. A place where we shall forever look at the moon and wait for each other. A place where stars shall witness our waiting for each other.

On Devyani : Black Rose Evening Dress from Trendy Divva, Tresmode black heels, MAC Ruby Woo lips
 Pictures and creative direction  by Ankit Mathur
Editing by Devyani 
All the images have been clicked using external lights.

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- Devyani

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