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12:27 PM

Shopping is therapeutic, lets just agree to that! Being a man or a woman wont give you brownie points.
 With most of the online shopping sites going mobile only, the few left are the only source of mid week happiness. The comfort of opening your laptop just anywhere, at any time of the day to browse through the endless brands and products to shop from is what can make your dull day a little better.
I just bought my share of mid week happiness from Jabong while I was waiting for my team to set their cameras and check the lighting for a shoot.

I knew exactly what I wanted and it was exactly that easy to find it on Jabong. Took me close to 5 minutes to complete the picking, adding, paying process for the product. The product reached me in less that 2 complete days even though it was promised to reach me within a week. I have had trouble with Jabong before, but they made sure to make up to me this time. The products from Jabong arrive in a carefully packed box preventing any spilling or breakage in case you order something liquid or breakable. I was happy how my product was exactly how it was displayed on their site with the size chart being absolutely apt.
All in all, a good experience. 
I bought myself a Harpa Black Maxi which I wore here 

Pictures by Ankit Mathur

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- Devyani

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