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"Lets draw you a portrait tonight. Let the portrait draw you tonight. You sit there pretty, while the night owns you"

How often are you made to just sit there whilst the hands of an artist work for you. I believe that is how life works. You just sit there pretty while the things unfold in front of you. And while all this time you wait to see the end result, you forget to make the most of the time when the artist is making sure to make you feel the most special.
'Portraits' is yet another effort to effortlessly bring out the personal style that can be easily played around by any woman. Label Nitya Bajaj's ever so effervescent potential to make any woman look like a dream as well as move ahead of the trend has always had me in awe. The pearl crop top is yet another piece of garment that can be paired with just anything from the wardrobe. Her midi skirts have had women swing like a fashionista. This golden number is enough to rule your look yet keep it subtly classy. 
I strongly believe in throwing in a strong pair of shoes to top the look for any occasion. What has been ruling my closet since more than a month now are these beauties by Marlschuz. Customized to the T, the label is the simplest form of luxury

Worn Here and Here in previous posts.

On Devyani : Label Nitya Bajaj pearl crop top and midi skirt, Marlschuz heels
 Pictures and creative direction  by Ankit Mathur
Editing and post production by Devyani

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- Devyani

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  1. 'You just sit there pretty while the things unfold in front of you. And while all this time you wait to see the end result..'

    Another(This, too) exquisite piece of work by an Artist who do not gaze on the body of person being portrayed but somewhere deep, profound, to bring out a picture just as the former artist do. But this is more vivid. Artists are beautiful in any form.
    Not authorized to talk about pearl crop top or the midi skirt, however I may conclude that you're looking gorgeous in those. And yes, here's my e-mail id. scruplestand@gmail.com ;in case you want me to discontinue w/ my comments & asking me here might seem bad. Also, because I know I am kind of annoying, sometimes. Tons of love & best wishes. *smile smile* .Au revoir. ~That Twitter F.

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