Busting Beauty Myths

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Women are the softest targets for the beauty industry. And why not, if there are times we’re going to spend truckloads of cash on looking and feeling gorgeous, it’s almost everyday!
Hang on there, before we mindlessly splurge every single penny on over promising beauty products and treatments, lets take a closer look at the not-so-common beauty myths. After all, wasting money ain't pretty, right?
Here’s a selection for you : 

1. Eye Care Products- a must?

The Truth. Science hasn’t been able to prove that the eyes need skin care ingredients that are any different from what we use for the rest of the face or neck so as to combat wrinkles, skin discoloration or sagging.

2. Skin care products that can mimic the results of Botox or Dermal fillers?

The Truth: Who are we kidding? Unless injecting into the skin, even Botox cant work it’s magic! Nothing different with dermal fillers either.

 3. Beauty treatments help close open pores

The Truth. Sorry to break that bubble, but let’s talk facts here. Just like cellulite, shrinking large pores is another incurable beauty ailment. However, all’s not lost as there are ways to reduce their appearance and one of our best bet is the Egg White Mask. Easy on the pocket and gorgeous on the skin. Win-Win, right?

4. Hair extensions damage hair and may even cause baldness?

The Truth: Over use of heavy hair extensions for a prolonged period of 6-8 weeks have a pulling effect on your natural hair and thus cause the hair follicle to stop producing normal hair. How about sparing the horror of hair extensions and using the good ol’ hair clipins, if you must.

5. Permanently Fat Lips courtesy fancy lip plumpers?

The Truth: Lip plumbers generally work by temporarily irritating the lips, causing them to swell slightly. Mind you, the tingly sensation is just the body’s response to the menthol chemical and not testimony to the fact that the lip plumpers are actually working! Yes, you may experience a temporary plump for an hour or two but that’s about all the magic it can do.

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- Devyani

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