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 People don't belong in boxes — that in fact, most people don't fall neatly into a single definition of "masculine" or "feminine." Rejecting the notion that only "men" wear "menswear" and re-engineering menswear to fit the female body; to fit those who prefer button-ups to pencil skirts.  Androgynous is a description of appearance not of orientation.  As everyone knows, we are all individuals and we all have unique styles. The word Androgyny/nous by definition is partly female partly male in Appearance. 
Androgynous style is often misinterpreted as simply wearing clothing often associated by the opposite sex. To an extent, it works, but to have a truly androgynous fashion sense you'll cater to both sexes at once. A way to determine if a piece of clothing you're about to buy is androgynous in style is to ask yourself these two questions:
1. Is the piece of clothing commonly worn by both men and women? The answer should be "yes".

2. Does the piece of clothing make you look particularly masculine or feminine? The answer should be "no".
It's the acceptable, high-fashion way of playing with gender. There are so many possible representations. So many embodiment of the definition of androgyny: definitions that are neither specifically feminine nor masculine. 

Attention-seeking androgyny. 
Everything but the girl - it's game on!

On Devyani : Forever21 Pants and Blazer,  Calvin Klein bralette, Marks & Spencer heels, Royal Plum shades.
 Pictures and creative direction  by Ankit Mathur
Editing and post production by Devyani 

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- Devyani

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