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Working women have no shortage of decisions to make, including what to wear between the hours of 9 and 6. And designers are flocking to outfit this growing market of smart, chic dressers. Summertime isn’t all bikinis, beaches, and vacations. You’ve got things you want to accomplish career-wise too. Whether you’re introducing new corporate strategy at the work or closing your next deal with a client, you clearly value style as a dynamic tool.

 I have never had a job that would let me suit up, but I have always liked formals better than anything else for a work environment. It brings with it a certain level of professionalism and decorum. While being your own boss comes with a lot of responsibilities, being able to wear formals for my meetings is surely the best part. 
If there’s a singular challenge to career wear in summer, it is how to wear a stylish look that is comfortable yet polished. Plus! Given today’s climate changes, 
Monday may be scorching hot, Tuesday mild, and Wednesday cool. Thursday and Friday, who knows?!
Thus, keeping it minimalist with a Shirt-Blazer rather than a shirt and a blazer to go with the climate. Adding pearls or a delicate string of diamonds to add femininity to the otherwise androgynous look. 

On Devyani : Forever21 Pants, Gifted shirt-blazer, Royal Plum shades, Marlschuz heels, Titan Eye Plus reading glasses.
 Pictures and creative direction  by Ankit Mathur
Editing and post production by Devyani 

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- Devyani

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  1. And her love affair with black continues... :)

    With that Sartorial elegant look, I'll sign you my CEO right away!! :) D, that's a gorgeous ensemble I'd like to see in every apparel shop in town. I am sure working women would take note and give it a try. Style and Comfort in a wedlock will sure deliver success as its baby. Great idea! Keep going girl!

    - T.T.F. Jr.

    1. "Style and Comfort in a wedlock will sure deliver success as its baby"
      Aah! Thank you so much.

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