About Time I Go

3:33 PM

"O amar shonar bangla, aami tomay bhalobaashi"

We all have our bucket lists. Sometimes tucked under few covers, sometimes out in the open. I am not so much of a bucket list maker but I make short term goals and then I work towards them. But if I ever had a bucket list, it'd just have one thing. Might seem little trivial but this means more than just an item to tick off my if-i-had-a-list.
I have been wanting to go to Kolkata desperately from the last 6 years. Every now and then when I am asked if I were a Bengali, 'cause I look, talk, eat and speak like them, I tend to smile in agreement. No, I am not a Bengali to start with, but I have enough to do with them and the place. I often find myself wearing a 'Lal Paar saree' and wishing what would it be if I were actually a bong woman, Lets just say the connection is more than just a mere obsession.

And finally! Its about time I go.
I am finally ticking off my dream item from that list. Wondering what would it be like once I am there. The food, the people, the places, the sweet smell of my dream coming true. The bitter sweet meeting of a long lost connection with the city.
While I am getting drenched in the what's and how's of a place where I hardly know anyone and anything, I am going to take the risk and live it like I own it.
Of Maach, misti and much more, I shall be back with a lot of stories right from my dream.
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This is also the first of many projects with the new woman in the Breviloquent town. My Bengali team.

On Devyani : Koovs side slit maxi, Blur platform shoes, UCB acid wash jeans, Royal Plum lennons, Urban Turban silver earring, Silver neckpiece from the Goa weekend market.
 Pictures and creative direction by Writographer and Ashutosh Bose
Editing and post production by Devyani 

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- Devyani

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