Amazon India Fashion Week '16 - Day 1

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The 26th edition of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2016 in association with Maybelline New York captures stunning moments in time as it threads together professionals from diverse fields: choreographers, makeup artists to stylists, giving business opportunities through evocative showcasing. Breviloquent takes you through each day through a picture gallery recording baroque details.
 Pictures  by Tarun Chawla
Editing and post production by Devyani 

Sanjay Garg

For the second runway show of his comparatively new line, Sanjay Garg delved into the world of Mashru silk. Historically, this particular style of weaving, which renders the fabric with cotton on one side and silk on the other, was a way for Muslim men to wear silk without breaking sharia law, which prohibits such luxuries. Exploring three different variations for his latest collection–the gulbadan, with delicate floral motifs; the danedar, in which floats of cotton weft resemble polka dots; and ashrafi, a circular motif reflective of ancient coins, filled with an intricate chevron pattern.
His renditions of these ancient techniques were dictated by clean lines and angled cuts, kurtas came sans darts, the silhouette stopping short of a kimono, with gently sloping elbow-length sleeves. Given the freshness of these kurta-cigarette trouser combos and matching coats, the lehengas he showed seemed too similar to last year’s offerings. 


Striking a balance of textures, silhouettes and styles this season, the designer has added zari to her subtle and lightweight linen saris, throwing in some maxi dresses and kurtas, and introducing knitted linen for the first time. Her use of zari was restrained but impactful.
“Life is the delicate balance of holding on and letting go.”This Rumi quote, which appears in Anavila Misra’s press note for her SS16 collection, set the precedent for the show that followed. Pale purple and cream saris were paired with dull gold blouses, dusty rose and pastel blue versions came with silver borders, and metallic square motifs played on the pallus of cement grey and midnight blue saris.


“YAJNA, is the transformation of one form of energy into another. The world we exist in is said to be the YAJNA of the ubiquitous one, a portion of god turned inside out. Thus, it is the sacrifice of its oneness that allows for the appearance of multiplicity we play in and enjoy." Known for fusing western wear with traditional hand-crafted textiles, designer Vaishali Shadangule’s Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer ’16 collection YAJNA saw an innovative play of thread where it merges itself to give birth to a new textile. 

Rabani & Rakha

Rabani and Rakha, one of the finest designers are known for their gorgeous festive outfits with intricate work and a subtle girly charm to them. 
Popular for their flowy sarees and dresses, we’ve seen a whole lot of celebs flaunt their designs in the last few years. At the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016, Rabani and Rakha showed some gorgeous outfits painted with white and a shade of bright blue.  All about beautiful hues of Pristine White and Eclectic Blue with intricate thread work and pearls the garments brought into notice a lot of fringe and tassel detailing.

Shivan & Narresh

Designer duo Shivan and Narresh’s resort wear is inspired from the paintings of one of the most prominent Mexican artists of the twentieth century, Diego Rivera.
The duo, mostly known for their ultra-glam trikinis and maillots were awe-inspired by the artist while exploring the galleries of New York’s Rockerfeller Center. 
Using neoprene as the primary fabric, the duo has used a lot of colour blocking and mostly neon shades. The bikini-lehengas had striking embellishments was an extension of their accessory line. "We took inspiration from Mexican artist Diego Rivera’s paintings and most of which are morbid. We added more colour to make it more exciting. Indian women are blessed with a curvy figure and they shouldn’t shy away in flaunting the same. Women across the world envy our figure and undergo surgery to attain the same, so Indian women should celebrate their curves,” they explained.

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