Khajjiar Trek - Been There, Done That?

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With the extended summers about to end and long weekend over the horizon, this is a great time to plan a trip that will not only rejuvenate you, but also give you an experience of a lifetime.
Taking you to the Khajjiar trek.

We travelled to Khajjiar (Chowari Jot Pass to be more precise) few weeks back, and there are few words which are seldom used, that can define the beauty of the place.

An overnight journey from Delhi takes you to a place that is 2300metres above the sea level, serene and tourist-free. A place that is made for the kind of travelers who love mountains like their beloveds. The ride to the place is not as close to luxurious, with broken and dusty roads, but the experience which starts when one reaches there is worth all the effort and pain.

The best time to travel is March, right now is a great time too, when the sun shines on the snow-capped range and you do not find many honeymooners destroying your photographs with their selfies.

Not for the foodies, but you will surely find good Indian food. Dhabas and small shops are easily available on the way, but what could own your heart is having freshly cooked, hot food, in the cold weather that will makes you use your jackets (which you should carry).

Staying near Chowari can be a problem (we stayed in tents made available by our contacts there). You will also find guests houses there, but the sparkling night skies and never-to-be-forgotten sunrises are best viewed from your 5- billion star rooms (under the sky we mean) that are set up on the top of the mountain. Starry skies, bonfire, tents and you. Imagine!

Planning a trip? You can contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the right people. Here are some images from the trek that brought to life, the child, the trekker and the poet in me.

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