Roctoberfest - Hard Rock Cafe.

9:30 PM

'Rock To Retro' promises to be coolest retro party in town. The third month-long festival that brought together American rock n roll and the German Oktoberfest at ROCKTOBERFEST! 

There is nothing more feel-good than nostalgia music – the singers/bands we grew up with, the songs
that make our hearts race and bring back memories of bygone days. Something makes you kind of yearn for the music of the 70s, 80s and 90s, isn’t it?
Hard Rock Cafe has come up with the ultimate retro experience, complete with vintage music, ambiance and authentic memorabilia.

What's more? The special Rocktoberfest Menu.
The festival goes beyond the brews- though there is plenty of that too!
You can expect barrels of fun with beer chugging games and more. Hard Rock Cafe has hamburgers (Thai, Jamaican), hot dogs (Asian, Italian, American, and German), fries topped with smoked chicken served with salsa and cheese sauce.
An entire month full of high octane music, lip-smacking menu, variety of international beers, Shandy, beer cocktails.

The evening began with the round of beer beauties, Pomegranate Vodka Shandy , Orange Vodka Shandy , and Watermelon Vodka Hoedown- fruity concoction of beer, vodka and lemon, Maria Maria Cornorita, a cascade of beer slammed into frozen margarita. You got to chug chug it all!

The food options are limited {Rocktoberfest menu- you can still order from the regular menu} but enough to pick from for both the vegetarians and the Non vegetarians. The hot dogs being our all time favorite.
It does not get bigger and better than Rocktoberfest at Hard Rock Cafe!
Rocktober fest has a fun weekly calendar to keep you entertained- "Anthems of Rock" every Wednesday, live rock performances on Thursdays, "Rock to Retro" nights every Friday! Expect lots of classic rock music, carefree dancing and beer chugging games!

What: Rocktoberfest , beer and music festival
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Saket & Gurgaon
When: September 28 to November 8'

Chicken sausage starters, shandy's and the signature Rocktober beer. This and a lot more is what Hard Rock Cafe has for you while their Rocktoberfest is on.
We suggest you go and let your taste buds do the deciding.

Devyani kapoor - Chief poser and creative director of Breviloquent, Devyani lives her life in Black and white with no shade of Grey. A cat lady and a lover of all things vintage, she likes to solo travel and meet new stories and share them while downing coffee and cake.

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  1. Such yummyyy food at the HRC ! That place has got a Lovely vibe too
    Style.. A Pastiche! - Acro Yoga & Fall Nail Colours

  2. :) Maria Maria Cornorita!! Wow that sounds way too tempting. You've nailed it yet again D :) with that beautiful mesmerising narrative. Must've been fun for you too. A perfect concoction of good food, music, and that barley beverge you love the most. :)

    Keep writing and keep spreading the joy.

    Good to be back after a hiatus. Sorry for missing out on things that I read, loved but missed sharing my two cents on.

    More power to you girl. God bless!

    -T.T.F Jr.

    1. Hey,
      You have been missed :)
      Thank you. Keep reading (and spreading maybe)

      Good to hear from you.


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