Triund - Travel With Us.

6:46 PM

I gave my heart, to the view that was nothing less than magic..

I have fallen in love, with what I saw, with what I experienced, with Triund, and the more I scroll down the photographs from the travel, the more I feel, and wish I could experience the same feeling all over again.  I wish to go back and bear witness to the beauty I saw and relive the dream that was.

Surrounded by mountains and followed by the clouds, I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset and a mesmerizing moon-rise. I knew (and still know) that I can never put into words what my heart felt like, and how, for the first time, my brain followed the pursuit of my heart.
There was a great struggle involved in conquering the height, where all of us travelers had to help each other. We emerged as winners, even though that happened with cramped muscles and bruised elbows.
The night became more beautiful as the darkness took over the skies, and we were face to face with the stars, each gazing at the other.
And the next moment, there was rain. The dark clouds gave us a thunderous naughty laugh, and before we knew, there was chaos. Some were trying to figure out how we would fit in one room, a photographer was trying to get that perfect shot of lightning and clouds, another was trying to explain entrepreneurial ideas over drinks and some were trying to figure out why we are laughing so hard.
For once, all of us wanted to break free from the shackles of commitments that we had made to ourselves back in the city life. For once, we all wanted to live the way we always wanted to, free from worldly expectations, free from being scared of being judged, free from a dozen gadgets, going back into the times where human touch was more important than a WhatsApp message.
After three days of adventure and falling in love with the nature, the trip came to a  beautiful end, leaving us looking onto the other side of reality of our mundane city life, leaving us wanting the mountains to call us back soon.
Travel with us to Triund?

Anchal Kainthola - Travel Enthusiast and photographer. Anchal is usually found convincing people to give up on their jobs and travel with her. Team Breviloquent music provider, she will catch and frame your weirdest expression.
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Ankit Mathur - Chief Photographer, idea generator and creative director at Breviloquent. An ardent traveler and an introvert for the first 5 minutes, he is who stirs conversations like none other.
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