A Romantic Date With Art

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Raghu Rai's pictures at the Gionee booth

From the murals in Connaught Place to the beautifully painted dustbins at Lodhi Garden, from the poetry meets at Indian Habitat Center to the great theatrical performances at the National School of Drama, Delhi is drenched in many artistic hues and colours. Not only the artists are getting more and more opportunities to bring their art to the public, their craft is also getting recognized and appreciated.
100 YEARS by Sandy Gutkowski
100 YEARS by Sandy Gutkowski

One such platform Delhi Photo Festival, the rarest of its kind in the city is providing awareness, learning and appreciation of photography as an art form among the masses. The festival, a non-profit initiative of the NAZAR Foundation is India’s first and biggest international photography festival.
Art made using coloured sand
Art made using coloured sand
Art made using coloured sand
The event this year was held at Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts from 31st October till
8th November. Many leading galleries and art institutions have also joined in as Partner Galleries, hosting independent photography exhibitions in their own spaces, making it a city wide event.
Visiting IGNCA on a winter afternoon was like a perfect date. The cozy, yet gloomy weather, the artistic vibes that a girl looks for in a lover, and the elements of curiosity and anticipation.There was a lot happening at the venue. Arts and Culture section had dancers performing on the live folk music, little colourful stalls selling handmade items from different states, and a humongous and elaborate Durga Maa set. The details of the set, and decorations were intricate and deep like the eyes of the lover. The lover, whose eyes do all the talking.
Durga Maa Set
Handicraft Stalls at the Nagaland Booth
Moving further was a stall by The Portrait Project where one could get their pictures clicked using colourful props and frames. The project is a concept with a focus on portraiture as an art form and with an emphasis on its radical role in the history of art and its growth and development.

I surely made some stupid, awkward faces at the camera guy. You know how dates are? Awkward silence, and some stupid expressions. No? Well mine are! *Hides*Amidst the crazy and fun crowd of the Treasure Hunt activity organized by Little Black Book, and Delhigram, I found my one true love.

Keema Paav, and Caramel Custard at the Rustam's stall. It is rightly said that while you were looking everywhere, love was waiting for you right at the corner. Smelling all yummy and delicious.
Keema Paav and Caramel Custard at Rustam's
You know things are going well on a date, when you find yourselves talking about life, art, aspirations, and the stuff that inspires you everyday. For me the conversations are mostly about photography, and the emotions behind each detail.
LBB and Delhigram Treasure Hunt
Love me or Kill me by Sarker Protick
Raghu Rai's pictures at the Gionee booth
Yes! That's all what I did, after my scrumptious meal.There were many exhibitions that aroused my curiosity.Sunday Soldiers by Daniella Zalcman documented a historical hangover altogether using a
period twin-lens reflex camera.England, still lost in the visions of World War II has the visions of the war imprinted on its conscience. To bring back these moments, people re-enacted stills from the war on weekends by digging trenches, erecting tents, gassing up their tanks, and staging battles. The re-enactment is really personal, and is their way of commemorating a war that changed the world geography.
Sunday Soldiers by Daniella Zalcman
Sunday Soldiers by Daniella Zalcman
These hobbyists are Britain’s Sunday soldiers. The Others by Olivier Culmann revisits the tradition of India. Using the backdrop of a local Indian Photo Studio, he attempts to portray the numerous factors that go into building an individual’s identity. The various Desi avatars captured by Culmann takes you on a joy ride through the nooks and crannies of India.
The Other by Olivier Culmann
The Other by Olivier Culmann
The Other by Olivier Culmann
Sarker Protick in Love Me or Kill Me, explores the Dhallywood film scene in his photographs highlighting the electric and bright elements of this bizarre world. This glitzy film industry in
Bangladesh, uses over-the-top costumes, and shiny movie sets, and presents a different world

These are just a few names among the many photographers that presented their work at the
festival. One could imagine the kind of work presented just by listening to the names like Raghu
Rai, Klaus Pichler, Karan Vaid, and many more.

For me, this perfect date culminated into a never ending relationship. The relationship that becomes your guiding compass during the turmoil, and a ray of hope, when everything seems dark and morbid.

Art washed away from my soul the dust of everyday life.

I am a changed person today. Free from the dust of chaos.

I am an artist. I am life. I am love.

Pictures : Upasana & Onusha

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