Chai at Chaayos

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Ten Second Takeaway
Located in Bandra Reclamation, opposite The Salt Water Café - Chaayos is a must-visit for all tea lovers. Choose your favorite from Over 25 varieties of tea customizable in over 12,000 ways!

Chciken Sanwich

Décor & Ambiance
The décor is simple but they have tried using various chai elements like – chandelier made of chai-cutting glasses, tea-powder jute bags used as seat cover’s etc. The easy-going ambiance with some great snacks ensures you can make this place your adda for your perfect chai & gupshup.

Chai & Snacks
Kulhad Chai was served 1st with a Bun-Maska. As the name suggests this is normal chai served in a kulhad. Bun-Maska is a burger bun smeared with butter. Tulsi & Adrak chai came next. Served piping hot, this chai is best during rainy season & can also sooth your sore throat too. The Thandi Chai followed. I assumed thandi chai to be Ice-Tea but to my surprise, it’s a chai-frappe. Ever heard of aam-papad chai??? Try it at Chaayos. A paneer sandwich was served with a minty dip, was a great snack to accompany the chai’s. Mumbai style Vada Pav in a burger bun along with Hari-Mirch chai was a great combo. I would like a little bit more hari-mirch in my chai. Desserts??? How can you miss that?? Enjoy their hot-chocolate or chocolate shake with the Nutella Chocolate Pav.


Kulhad chai

Paneer Sandwich

Chai Frappe

Chocolate Bun

Vada Pav

Hari Mirch chai with Vada Pav

Name : Chaayos
Address :   Shop 8, Ground Floor, Pearl Haven CHS Limited, 86 Chapel Road, Reclamation, Bandra West
Our Recommendation: Tulsi-Adrak Chai, Hari Mirch Chai, Vada Pav

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