Raising My Glass to the 25th year.

8:58 PM

With the birthday approaching and all the friends back in the country I wasn't very sure about the place to throw my birthday party this time. While all the other times they are the ones to arrange, this time I had to be a fine host and do it all by myself. All the shifting from Gurgaon to Delhi has anyway confused me much with a shift in places to hang out. Living in the West of Delhi with abundant options I had to pick one place where I'd have all my near and dear ones gather for a little party post the family wedding functions which had started on the same day.

The Butler House, placed on the very busy Punjabi Bagh Club Road clearly makes its presence felt with a huge board that reads the name in capital letters. As the name suggests the decor is very English too. Like a traditional Irish pub, the place has dim lighting, and is just appropriate if all you want to do is move to some nice music and eat like the royals would.
My friends chose to order a mix of Continental and typical Indian food. We ordered Butter Chicken with Roomali Roti, Mutton Kebabs, Dum Gosht Biryani, Chicken Malai Tikka, Tandoori Aloo Chatpate and Pizza Margherita with black olives.  Although I had some trepidation while ordering Indian, Mughlai food at a restaurant called The Butler House, but it not only looked delectable but all my doubts were put to rest after taking the first morsel of the Butter Chicken. Service, food, drinks, sheesha was all on point. We moved from the terrace which is the fourth floor to the third since the place was already booked for a party being the Christmas eve. I had around a dozen people who left with a huge smile!

Picking Butler House from the bazillion options was a task, but it was indeed the right decision. Although they got my name wrong on the little placard and the lighting could have been a little brighter, but they made up for all that with their toothsome food and great service. 

To a good 25th!

What : Butler House
Where : North West Avenue, Club Road. Punjabi Bagh.

Pictures by Writographer

For all the wishes on my social platforms, thank you so much. The love and criticism is equally welcome.

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