To Tab, or not to Tab

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Being a blogger, technology is an essential part of my life, so what technology device I choose to use has a huge impact on my work efficiency and the quality of my day. One moment I am at a jazzed up event and carrying just my phone is enough, the next moment I’m off to an important meeting where I need all my important pictures, videos and other documents that include sending out PDFs, Invoices, editing documents and writing emails. For this reason, having a good reliable tablet is essential, since it cuts down the need to carry a bulky device like a laptop around. 

But being a fashion blogger, the device that I use not only has to be efficient and reliable but should also make a style statement and I like brands that take aesthetics seriously when they design their products. What ASUS has been coming up with has always caught my eye, with an attention to detail and great finish. I have been using their power bank from the Zen series (ZenPower) and am very happy how it has saved my phone from dying when I’ve been stuck in traffic or when I was out the whole day and had forgotten to charge my phone and needed to send some important emails or make calls. 

So when the good people at ASUS sent me the ZenPad 8.0 right before my birthday, I was excited to see what all it has to offer. It’s has a sleek and minimal look, easily fits in my bag, which sets it apart from other tablets in the market. I’ve been using it for a month now and although there is much to like in the ZenPad 8.0, the two features that have really won me over are the the audio cover that came with it and; the blue-light filter which I will be talking about in more detail below. 

The Asus ZenPad 8.0 runs on Android 5.0 and easy to figure how it works and even easier if you have used other android devices. It already comes loaded with apps, classified and sorted into groups so the home screen never looks cluttered. Although I usually use my phone to click pictures, the front camera on the ZenTab has a 140 degree selfie panorama feature which made taking group selfies really easy, fitting in everyone in the shot. The picture quality of the main Camera is nothing to brag about or something that I can use for a blog post but good enough to be put on Instagram and Facebook. 

It has 4G Internet compatibility with sim card slots so you can make calls with it too. My experience of browsing the internet and streaming videos has been really good so far, with minimal lag.
It also comes with a 16 GB internal memory and since I never know when I might need them, I like to carry all my pictures and other important files which are usually huge and take up a lot space so the Micro SD slots which can expand the memory upto 128 GB is a great feature which is otherwise big drawback in the iPads.

Now about one of my favorite features on the ZenPad; the Bluelight filter
I am usually working on a screen before going to bed, either on a project, reading an eBook or just browsing the internet. The extensive use of screens lying in bed has made my sleep interrupted and also hurts my eyes. While playing with the settings I found the blue-light filter which adjusts the color tone of the screen from a warmer reddish - yellow tint to a blueish tint, depending on the surrounding lighting conditions. This may seem like a small feature but giving the screen a red hue has drastically decreased the strain on my eyes and helped me get a good night's rest. If your sleep patterns are erratic like mine, then your mobile phone could be to blame and the Blue-light feature could really help you. Even if you’re skeptical about it improving your sleep, you will immediately notice a reduction in eye strain when using your tablet in a dimly lit room.

The most admirable quality of this device is The audio cover. It functions as a protective cover and add-on speaker. The cover itself is a bit bulky and makes the tablet feel more like a diary, but that's because of the battery and the speaker it contains. However the cover has a premium finish and texture, and even a magnetic sensor that locks and unlocks the tablet when you flip it. The added speakers have been a lifesaver when I have been hanging out with friends and we wanted to listen to some music or even when I wanted to listen an Angus and Julia track while working on a blogpost idea in a cafe, while having my coffee or green tea. It has a 5.1 DTS speaker which transforms this thin tab into a virtual surround sound music system, good enough to have for a mini party. The cover is also great when when you’re hanging out with a group of friends and you spontaneously decide to watch a movie or TV series and the volume on the phone is not loud enough.

For those of you who have been following Breviloquent, you will know my love for the Bengali culture. The tablet also supports some Indian languages which includes Bengali. I've been switching the language to Bengali in between and even though I don’t understand all of what's written, I like how those curved letters look on my screen.
The battery is a 4000 mAh battery and you should comfortably get a full day's use out of it even after heavy use. 

Overall the using this tablet has been a good experience. I really wish it the main camera came with an led flash. The screen is a tad bit low-resolution for my liking and the HD Screen quality could have been a little more crisp. But the device has enough muscle in other aspects that make it a great Tablet. 
Sameer Sewak:  A pilot by profession, twitter socialite &; an excellent bubble wrap popper. He can be blamed for all the landings and take offs at Breviloquent.
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Pictures by Vaibhav Sachdeva

On Devyani : Label Sweta Puthran dress, Marks & Spencer cardigan, Alberto Torresi shoes.

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